Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Let me start off by saying,"I feel AWESOME!

Despite getting a flat tire this morning, I have had a great 24hours. Yesterday morning, I spoke with Suhtling Wong-Vienneau from UCF's College of Engineering and Computer Science. She is writing a print story for the CECS Report and the dean wants it to go out to other institutions. The purpose of the story is to feature me as an alum and talk about my role as an ambassador for women in engineering. I explained to her the details of my new scholarship for young female engineers and how I hope to inspire our youth to dream big. We spoke for nearly an hour. In the end, she wished me luck in finding a sponsor for my scholarship. Little did I know how lucky Suhtling's wish would be.

I had scheduled a phone interview with Harris Corporation about a week earlier. I originally contacted Howard Lance, the CEO of Harris, back in September. Mr Lance was the Keynote Speaker at my graduation as well as a devoted Orlando Magic Fan :) He is very passionate about furthering the education of our youth and said that he would bring up my scholarship to the committee at the end of the month board meeting in October.

Last night I was informed that Harris will fully sponsor my Engineering Scholarship!!!!! This means that 34 young women in the 6th-8th grade levels will receive a $100 cash award and 1 young women in the 6th-8th grade levels will receive a $250 cash award for an outstanding engineering project. The 34 scholarships are for the 34 Florida Science and Engineering Regional Fair winners and the $250 cash award is for the winner at the state level. I was absolutly ecstatic...like jumping up and down trying to contain myself ecstatic when I heard the news!!!! I must admit, I am still really excited :) The first regional takes place in December in Palm Beach County, so it good to know that the scholarship will be available in time for the first fair.

THANK YOU to Harris Corporation
for your oustanding devotion to education and your continued support! I could not have done this with out YOU!
Love Always,
Megan Clementi
Miss Florida USA

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