Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Recap! (Nov 6-8)

Well, this was the weekend of non-stop events! I am wiped Today I logged on to my blog and realized everything I, I did a lot of driving this weekend! From Orlando to Ft Lauderdale, home to Jupiter then off to West Palm over to Indiantown back to West Palm and now back in Orlando all in 72 poor
It was all worth it!

After the Chez Couture event I was off to experience the Miami night life at the Annual Winterfest White Party! This year, it took place at the top of the W Hotel. It was so windy, I thought we (Alyssa, the Gravitt family and myself) were going to blow away!

Despite the wind I had a blast as it was the first event I have ever been to where I was on the roof of a building! It was so awesome to see everyone dressed in white from head to toe and there was entertainment throughtout the evening. More pics to come!

The next morning I joined Caroline Schumacker at the Gear Up For The Kids Charity Car Show benefitting Give Kids The World. As you can see, the wind followed me from Ft Lauderdale to West!

Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for an hour as a good friend was getting married that day! So from the Signature Hanger I met my friends at PGA Nationals and took a shuttle over to the wedding in Indiantown. I failed to take any pictures during the wedding as i was so wrapped up in the ceremony!

Mr and Mrs Bryan Bobo~ Congratulations on starting your lives together! Everyone agrees that the two of you are perfect for one another and have a long life of happiness to look forward to. The wedding was 'so YOU' as it was laidback, gorgeous, and all about family and friends! Have fun on your honeymoon...enjoy your time together :)

I am planning to get all of the pics from my friends :)

The next morning the wedding party enjoyed Sunday football, but I was off to West Palm to thank our veterans in the 2nd Annual West Palm Veteran's Day Parade. I was placed with the Korean War Veterans and they could not have been any sweeter! Bob, Bob, Herb, Herb, Stanley, and Joe were so proud to represent the Korean War Veterans Association and I was honored to be with them. Many of the KWV had served over 25 years in our military!

Apparently I was a surprise! When I first arrived I told the KWV that I was riding along with them and I thought they were going to fall over. This appearance was arranged by Pat Reilly who himself is a Veteran and the Deputy Sheriff in Palm Beach County. I have known Pat since I was in middle school. I taught his daughter dance at Jupiter Dance Academy and have kept in touch with his wife, Kelly, and daughter, Shannon, ever since.

Thank you to the men and women who fought to keep our country safe and protect our freedom throughout the years! This parade was in your honor as you are all heroes! Your dedication has not gone unnoticed! Thank you!

Love Always,
Megan Clementi
Miss Florida USA 2010

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