Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tonight! Free Tears For Fears Concert...I am hosting

Check it out in Downtown Orlando!

I will be hosting the Sonny's BBQ Rib eating contest with Shawn from 98.9 WMMO

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Final Day of Curve NV Show!

Yay! Yesterday was my final day of 'work' in Vegas. The Curve NV show was great and I met a lot of good contacts for future jobs including the people in the picture below. The gentleman in the middle is Jack Frost, photographer and magazine owner/creator. We were fortunate that he decided to feature Desiree Nercessian Swimwear in his upcoming edition. Myself and two models took lots of pics in Desiree Necessian swimsuits and coverups on Tuesday and then he interviewed Desiree and myself on Wednesday. You can see myself and Nicole (in orange) wearing Desiree's designs.

During the interview, Jack had a friend sketch me while we spoke. You can his sketch below. I have to say that my drawing is really pretty...I am happy!

Vegas Sunday - Tuesday

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Pics from the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

My dad, me, our contact Jim, and Sonny (my original military contact)
Ken Smith, FLA President Elect, Dad, and Jim

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

Today was the annual meeting for the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation. I was honored to be apart of the days event as this lighthouse has been difficult to visit due to the fact it has been under construction for quite some time. Plus, it is located on military soil so it makes it that much more difficult to gain access. We started the afternoon with lunch, several presentations, and some lighthouse shopping.

Anyway, it was a perfect day starting with the rocket launch around 7:15am and then the climb at 1pm. It was great to see my friends Ken and Dede Smith especially since Ken will be celebrating his 60th birthday this weekend! Come October Ken will take his reign as the President of the Florida Lighthouse Association and I am excited to say he has lots of plans for the future of the FLA!

You can the lighthouse on the left. It was original constructed in 1848, but due to shore erosion it was 1.5 miles inland. It was relit at its current location in 1868.

I was told in advance that the lighthouse was still not complete and therefore we could only climb as high as the third deck. That is the reasoning behind my pouty pie face (BTW that was a nickname for when I was upset.....sad meggiepie = pouty in the picture. The sign says STAIRS ARE CLOSED :(
One thing different about this lighthouse compared to the other 17 I have climbed thus far is the wrap staircase on the outside of the lighthouse. It is quite breathtaking to look at....should have more pics to post tomorrow.
Now, I am at the Ft Lauderdale Airport heading to VEGAS BABY!!! Miss Universe hear I come :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Palm Beach County Science Symposium

Happy Friday the 13th! While most people stay at home hoping that this scary day will pass, I went back to high school....well Lake Worth High School that is!

Today was the annual Palm Beach County Science Symposium. This is where the educational community comes together to pump one another up for the school year. This year was unlike any other as Palm Beach County School District inducted Jane Hart into the Hall of Fame (by the way she is the first member!). We also had Dr Kenneth Miller as the Keynote speaker. He gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard regarding science. I was intrigued with every word that came out of his mouth.

The best part of the day was running into my former science teachers....Mrs Reyes (now Bellodoumo) and Mrs Mooney. They were my book end science teachers as I had Mrs Reyes for 9th grade Earth Space Science and Mrs Mooney for Senior year Physics. Mrs Mooney also taught my brother when he was a junior. It was definitely worth the early morning drive to catch up with two of the people who motivated me to pursue a career in the sciences! I hope I can have the same impact on today's youth as these two teachers did on me!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Florida Lighthouse Digest

Cassie McFarland, Miss Emerald Coast Teen USA 2011 and myself at the Cape St George Island Lighthouse in April during the first ever Forgotten Lighthouse Challenge.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Forgotten Lighthouse Challenge

This video was composed by Ken Smith who happens to be next in line as President of the Florida Lighthouse Association. My name is mention at 1:05 and then there is a quick little interview from 7minutes to 7:28. Enjoy!

3d Annual Monsters Bowl A Rama!

Saturday July 31st marked the 3d Annual Monsters in the Morning Celebrity Bowl A Rama! This event was created by Rock Pink ( and combined with Real Radio 104.1 to raise over $36,000 in the effort to raise breast health awareness and donate funds to local breast cancer programs. Last year, this event was my first non-media appearance of my reign and I witnessed first hand the power a community can make on behalf of an organization. Every year the program gains strength and I cannot wait to join forces again next year!

(LEFT)Helping KLAW, the Orlando Predator's Mascot, tie his bowling shoes.

My crowning moment! haha.....J/K I am the worst bowler ever. Never broke 100, but as soon as that crown popped up on the screen, I had to figure out a way to be 'crowned' :)

My buddy Scott connected a bobby pin with a "Fight Like A

Girl" key chain to make an ultra cool earring.

I never back down from a challenge. When the competition from BJs challenged me to an arm wrestling match, I put on my mean-mugging face and it was "on". Needless to say I lost, but if you had been there you would know I put on one heck of a fight!