Saturday, November 14, 2009

Femmes de Coeur

I am excited to report that the professional women's group that I am an active member of has raised over $55,000 this past year! Femmes de (Women of Heart) is an Orlando based, not-for-profit volunteer organization comprised of a unique group of community women volunteering time and sharing a common goal to serve the needs of the community. Our uniqueness is reflected in the fact that we partner with existing organizations to accomplish our mission. The sharing of resources allows Femmes de Coeur to provide help to a larger community audience. All projects are funded through fund raising activities.

We have divided the funds in the following manor. Congratulations to all the Recipients!

Kids House of Seminole $4,500
Health Care for the Homeless $12,000
Florida Hospital $10,550
Seminole State College $10,550
Valencia Community College $10,550
UCF College of Nursing $10,550

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