Friday, June 4, 2010

More Fun Pics from Miss USA!

This was my arrival day. As soon as I got to my hotel it was off to the infamous Fidel photo shoot. As I was going back to my room Roston (Creative Director) and I snapped a pic.
So exciting! I absolutely love my Fidel shot and was proud to stand by it as it was displayed on the Planet Hollywood Wall.
Me and Trace! We definitely hit it off This pic was taken after the pageant was over as I was heading out. He also signed my FLORIDA sash!

I cannot tell you how much I adore our MUO Protection (aka Body guards). This is Michael and his two sons. We became like a family out there. I cannot wait til he brings the fam to Florida to catch a Magic home game :)
Michael, Vic, Nelson, and Angel: You four were amazing and appreciate all your efforts to keep us safe!

Since the moment I arrived, I waited for the massive Miss USA Billboard to go up. When it finally did there was never any down time to actually stand by it. After the pageant, I decided to leave the hotel and stay with friends at Tahiti Village. When I left, I finally got my chance and it was one of my favorite pictures!

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