Sunday, April 11, 2010

Florida Science and Engineering State Fair in Orlando

April 7th-9th was the big finale to my Future Female Scientist Award as it was the Florida Science and Engineering Science State Fair in Orlando Fl. Thursday morning I traveled to the Orange County Convention Center to meet the 874 students competing on the state level. These kids are the brightest science students in the state. If you had seen the projects that these students produced you would have been blown away! I was able to meet and greet with many of the students as well as the judges. Once registration ended, I was off to a full day of Miss USA preparation.

I returned Friday evening for the Awards Ceremony. Unfortunately, I missed the Special Awards Presentation as I was emceeing the Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks game. I left the game after the 4th Quarter 1st Time Out which was my last spot. I made the last 20 minutes of the Awards just in time to speak to all the students, teachers, and parents and to shake hands with each of the First Place Award recipients. When all was said and done, there was a line of students for photo ops. It was a pleasure to stay the extra 20 minutes for these amazing kids. I was delighted that several of my Future Female Science Award recipients went out of there away to introduce themselves to me. I am looking forward to their parents sending me the pictures from that night.

Congratulations to all the Florida Science and Engineering State Competitors
Best of Luck to those who are competing at Internationals in Arizona this May!!!!
I wish you all the Best!

Saturday morning was a big day for my personal trainer Arnold Kolozsvari! He had the Grand Opening of his new Ormond Beach gym REVIVE Fitness and Lifestyle Management! From 10am-2pm locals attended the opening participating in various classes and enjoying food, massages, and a local band. Arnold declared it 'Cheat Day' making sure that everyone had cake and champagne. Arnold worked really hard to open this gym...his dream has come true! YAY for Arnold...Love you Csaba!

Today was awesome! I slept in until 10:30am! Yep, that's right! It felt amazing to not wake up to a blaring alarm clock. I took my time, laid out for an hour, and then headed to Windermere for a send off party. Five teens celebrated there soon departure for the 2010 Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen Pageant. The young lady to my left is Rachel Strever. She has been a part of my life since I began pageants. She was my Sunshine Princess when I was Miss South Florida Fair 2005. Now she is all grown up and will be competing at state on April 23d and 24th. All these young women are as sweet as can be. They are beautiful, talented and most importantly intelligent! I was listening to there conversation as they candidly spoke about how excited they were. They were not focused on winning, but on having fun and doing there personal best....they have a great attitude and will be great at state. I wish the all the luck and I hope they have memories to last a lifetime :)

Tomorrow is a random day to myself. Have not seen one of those in a I plan to workout with Arnold, lay out if the day is as beautiful as it has been, work on the reformer with Darla at Fitness Partners and work with Rachel Strever on her talent. All in all it should be a relaxing day. Do not worry though, Tuesday I am back to be out of the house at 8am and returning at 10pm :) Never a dull moment!

Love Always,
Megan Clementi
Miss Florida USA 2010

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