Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tampa Area Lighthouses and Radio Stations

I spent the next two hours jumping between radio stations to highlight my Climb For The Cure as well as to promote the upcoming state pageant on July 10th. I feel like I connected with the entire Tampa area as I was featured on 1010 Sports
WQYK Country 99.5,

Smooth Jazz 98.7

, and WILD Hits and Hip Hop 94.1Before I knew it, it was 10 am and we had only an hour before our ferry was leaving Ft Desoto Park to Egmont Key Light. That is me driving the
Upon arrival we were greeted by Tom Watson, Park Ranger, who has lived on the island for 9 years and absolutely loves it. We had just enough time to climb the light and travel the island via golf cart. There was definitely way to much to see as this island used to be a military community.
My dad and I plan on traveling back to Egmont Key Island soon. If you notice in the pic this light has no top!

Egmont Key fun fact…..The island has decreased in size by over 50% by sand washing away into the ocean. In recent years, sand was brought to the island to keep it intact. There is an old power plant that was orginally in the center of the island. When we passed it, you can see it has completely crumbled and half of it is in the ocean.

We hit the road again for our final lighthouse stop of this crazy week! We hopped on the boat with Chris B, Assistant Park Ranger of Anclote Key Island and Linda Seabol, President of the Friends of Anclote Key Lighthouse.
We had worried about the weather, but it seemed clear enough to cross the 3½ miles from the marina to the island.
Chris, like Tom, lives on the island and manages the surroundings. He has been there for 4 years and is also very passionate about his job. As we were finishing up, the rain came and we hid in Chris’s home on the island.
We waited out the storm for an hour or so and then came to the brilliant decision to weather the storm for the 3.5 miles……kids do not do this at home! I do not want to say it was scary, but it was. Needless to say, we survived…lol

Anclote Key Fun fact….opposite of Egmont, the island’s beach has expanded due to natural beach renurishment. There is an area below the flag pole next to the lighthouse where people donate to the lighthouse an in return receive an engraved brick. Within the next few months there will be a new brick with MEGAN CLEMENTI, MISS FLORIDA USA 2010 written on it.

Now, I am writing you from the car, 1250 miles from where I began this journey on Sunday! I cannot put into words how exhausted we are from the sun exposure, lighthouse climbs, long drives and little sleep…….BUT WHO CARES! This week was amazing! I have some awesome pictures, videos and great new friends. I cannot wait to return to all these stops in the near future!

Love Always,
Megan Clementi
Miss Florida USA 2010

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