Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Did you know the Declaration of Independence was not signed until August 2nd 1776? Interesting right! Well apparently, it was written and 200 some copies were made on July 4th, but our Forefathers were too busy to sign the document until the following month. Anyway, the mere writing and production was enough to excite the people of America and the Fourth of July holiday was born…fun!

I spent my afternoon in the neighboring village of my hometown of Jupiter, Village of Tequesta. The 2nd Annual Wounded Warriors 4th of July celebration was taking place at Constitution Park. I had the rare opportunity to meet the first official Mayor of Jupiter at this event. Carlin White was born in 1907 near the Square Grouper on the beach. He is now 102 years old going on 60! He is a really cool guy to talk to because he has seen it all. He is ‘all there’ if you know what I mean and has vast knowledge of Jupiter’s history. After all, not many people are born and raised in Jupiter…..especially born in the early 1900’s!!! The main bridge in Jupiter is named after him and the local park (Carlin Park) is named after his father.

Another high-light was mingling with locals. Have you heard of the idea of 6 degrees of separation? Well, it seemed as though I knew someone’s sister or they knew my brother ....a young girl and I even had the same 5th grade teacher……it was really neat…memory lane :)

As I was leaving, I was so proud of myself for not eating the beautiful chocolaty brownies sitting on the table screaming my name. I was almost out the gate when a lady came up to me asking how I could pass up Cake Kingdom Brownies! WHAT?????!!!! Cake Kingdom… favorite bakery in South Florida! Obviously, I made a donation and gobbled it up in 2.4 seconds. It was the best 2.4 seconds of my life. I look forward to purchasing a small carrot cake from Cake Kingdon on July 11th 2010 after I give up my title…lol

Congressman Tom Rooney and his kids.

That night, the goal was to go to 4th on Flagler but the weather was dreadful, so I ended up at Dave’s home watching the annual Coney Island hot dog eating contest on DVR….It was a fun and relaxing night!

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