Sunday, May 9, 2010


Wacky Talent Time!!!!!

Move over Miss America, Miss USA has talent I love the Miss America system, but I am excited that the Miss Universe Organization decided to hi-lite our titleholders that have 'wacky talent' since we are more than just pretty girls. Standing with me is Miss Maine who is a former professional basketball player. She played in Switzerland and Italy! Impressive, right?! All of you know that I am a dancer, but you may not know that I am a Sweetheart. After leaving the Magic, I applied for a position with the Sweethearts For Soldiers. This group is comprised of former NBA and NFL Dancers/Cheerleaders with our mission being to support our troops. Now Miss Maine is over 6 feet tall so you may assume that there is a trampoline under me...hint hint :)

I will be sure to post the video as soon as it comes out :)

After the wack talent segment, the ten of us had a short break and it was off to lunch :)

YAY! Did you watch the Price is Right growing up? I sure did! All of us reunited at Bally's for The Price Is Right LIVE! Although we did not get to play, it was fun watching everyone else get excited. Plus, our very own Miss USA Kristen Dalton did some imprompto modeling of the prizes. Oh ! AND we got the cool price tage name

From there we had a phenomenal night! No shows, no VIP events, NO rehearsal, not even dinner out. We stayed in and relaxed...yay! It was much needed. We were in our rooms by 5:15pm. All we had to do was get our evening gown checked for approval. Good thing because Texas and I were up at 4am for the annual poolside swimsuit shot!

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