Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My new roomie, Kelsey Moore Miss TX USA, and I are dressed and ready to start our first official day of the 2010 Miss USA Competition!
It was a really busy day. We started with breakfast at 7:30am and then it was on to Registration, hair, make-up, opening number fittings, shoe fittings, swimsuit fittings, evening gown/swimsuit photoshoot, and finally interviews. Unfortunately not everybody finished everything so many of us (including Tx and myself) had to wake up early on Tuesday to finish up our interviews. Monday was over 13hrs long, but it allowed a lot of time to meet all the contestants and HELLO...I am at Miss USA! It was amazing despite the long hours!.

Lunch on Tuesday at Cabo Wabo, PA Gina, LA Sara, SC Rachel

By noon Tuesday, I had finished my last interview so I was invited to be a part of a mini appearance. 10 of us visited throughout the casino and ate mexican food at Cabo Wabo for lunch....I had Mahi Mahi!

Brittany, Roseanne, Renee, MacKenzie, Rachel, Me, Sara

That evening was our BIG Introduction night outside of the Planet Hollywood! It was the first time I was announced to the public as Miss Florida USA during the Miss USA Compeition. I think we all thought that was pretty cool.
Below are all 51 contestants including Kristen Dalton , Miss USA 2009.

From there we split into 3 groups based on Alphabetical order. I was obviously in group 1 so we went to the Paris Hotel. We started with an autograph session inside the hotel. Of course I just happen to notice that the Orlando Magic game was playing so I could not help but to point out the score...>>>Magic ended up winning by 43 points! Big Win!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to dinner! Now it looks like Renee, Audrey and I are outside on a balcony but that is inside Paris! So neat!!! We indulged on a 4 course meal; salad wedge, crab cake appe, chicken with veggies, and white chocolate cheesecake. Perfect ending to the perfect day!

Cassady and MacKenzie at Planet Hollywood.

Day 3! FUN DAY!!!!!! The day started with Orientation. We had the honor of listening to Paula Shugart, President of the Miss Universe Organization, speak on the many opportunities that Miss USA 2010 will have presented to her and what is expected upon her during her reign. It was excited knowing that there a chance that that could be me! (Above: me and Sarah )

After breakfast we traveled via bus to Caesar Palace. We were welcomed by Roman gods and spent the day in the sun. We enjoyed lunch poolside and I even got to do a taping with a chef in which he made an alaskan king crab salad. It was filling but light as well which was nice considering we were in our bikinis.

It was incredibly relaxing......

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