Sunday, May 2, 2010

Road To Vegas! I am on the Plane! YAY!

Wake me up ‘cause I feel like I am dreaming! Am I really on a plane heading to Vegas to compete for the title of Miss USA 2010? Wow…..this is surreal! As exhausted as I am, I cannot seem to stop smiling. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I feel privileged to represent my home state of Florida, the state I was born and raised! It seems like just yesterday, I captured the title of Miss Florida USA 2010….amazing how quickly 9 ½ months flies by!

In that time, I have traveled from Pensacola to the Keys, from Ft Myers to Merritt Island. I have become ‘one’ with my car as I have put nearly 35,000 miles on her since July 18th 2009. I have enjoyed my time with various non-profits including my personal platforms Give Kids The World, Climb For The Cure, and the Future Female Scientist Award. My platforms have allowed me the opportunity to speak throughout the state and make a positive impact in each community I visit. To date, I have made 193 appearances and there is no reason to stop now! If I am chosen to be your next Miss USA, you can bet I will be as devoted to our country as I was to my state. I hope to travel constantly speaking on behalf of Susan G. Komen and Give Kids The World as well as visiting schools to inspire the next generation of engineers. I plan to make a difference one city at a time!

One of the best compliments I have received was from a patient at the Watson Clinic in Lakeland, Fl. I was there learning the ins and outs of what a cancer patient goes through, focusing on Breast Cancer but learning about ovarian, prostate, anal, and skin cancer as well. I was told later by my mentor, Dr Sandra Sha, that one patient said she did not think ‘pageant girls’ were anything more than pretty girls that know they are pretty. She was shocked to see how involved I was with Susan G. Komen and honored to know that I am speaking out about Breast Cancer on behalf of her and all patients past, present, and future! You never know if you are making a difference, but every once in a while you will see or hear something that puts a smile on your face. These little moments remind me why I love my job and why I devote my time to the community. Turns out this woman happens to be a lighthouse enthusiast and I have seen her at 2 of my lighthouse visits; once in St Augustine and again last weekend at St George Island. I am thrilled to see her around the state as I know she has fought cancer and won! She is a success story and should be used as inspiration for those who are currently battling the disease. She is the reason why it is important to speak out. Early detection is key. Knowing this, I have hope for a very close family friend who was diagnosed on March 1st, 2010. She is currently healing from a double mastectomy and will begin radiation and chemotherapy shortly. Please keep her in your prayers.

I am 4 hours from landing in Las Vegas. This is the perfect time to reflect on my life, my accomplishments, and my support system. Although many people credit my success on my determination and perseverance, I cannot help to credit my success to my wonderful team of family , friends and sponsors.


Exquisite Coaching

Kim Antos: You have given me peace from past experiences that would have prevented me from achieving my dreams. I will never forget seeing you and James outside my hotel door at 4:30 am in Miami the night I won Miss Florida USA 2010. You were going through one of the most traumatic experiences of your life and somehow managed to drive 7 hours from Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville to congratulate me in person. You are an amazing person with the biggest heart I have ever seen. I love you so much and appreciate everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you have done for me! You are not a ‘pageant friend’ but a lifelong friend that I care deeply about. I am fortunate to have you and James in my life!

Revive Lifestyle Management
Arnold Kolozsvari
: I must admit, I was not so sure about starting with a new trainer 2 years ago. I had a good thing going on in Orlando and I could not imagine how special you could possibly be for me to drive an hour to Ormond Beach to train with you. Well when I woke up the next morning and could feel the results….I knew I needed to make a change. You have a unique way of balancing weights, cardio, and ply metrics. Sometimes I think 'wow that was not so bad' until I wake up the next day and I cannot move…lol You challenge me in new ways and I like it! You have great intuition; you know my breaking point, you know when I need take a break. On the days where I have been sick, you have saved me from myself! My body looks better than it has ever looked which I did not think was possible after state last year :) YOU are one of a kind! THANK YOU Csaba!

Kim and Arnold- I am so fortunate to have both of you in my life. Together you have balanced my body and soul.

Florida Hair Extensions and Great Lengths
Natalie Dyson-Thank you for making my hair look amazing. I have never felt more beautiful!!!

Regalia Magnificent Apparel Forte Salon and Spa
Lush Lash Dr Lach Dr Costello
Melanie Pace-personal stylist for my Miss USA wardrobe

Thank you to the OFFICIAL Miss Florida USA SPONSORS
La Casa Hermosa
Don Baker Communications

Thank you to the Prize SPONSORS
Bijoux Terner
Carroll's Jewelers
Bob Lasky Ritchie Swimwear
Fredrico Leone

Thank you all for providing me with needed services throughout my reign!

Thank you to my Family and Friends!

I could not possibly remember everyone who has impacted my life over the years, but there are several who I will never forget (in no particular order…lol)!

Mary Lou, Grant Sr., and Grant Jr. Gravitt
Kim and James Antos
Becky and Gary Bangert
Rachael Denney
Sean Ocando
Jeanine Klem-Thomas
The Orlando Magic Dancers (2004-2009)
The Orlando Magic Organization
Veronica Livesay
David Lang and Carry O’Neal ver
Strever Family
Kreiger Family, Mr and Mrs Brian Walsh
Melissa Witek
Alan Goldstein
Chris Bischoff

Jeff Higuera, BodyTecz
Dan Hrabko and my Miss South Florida Fair Family
Keep Flippin Gymnastics
Jill’s Dance Center/Jupiter Dance Academy
The University of Central Florida College of Engineering and Computer Science


I appreciate all your love and support!

Love Always,
Megan Clementi
Miss Florida USA 2010

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