Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Day in Vegas.......DONE!

I woke up this morning feeling amazing. The flight was great, the shuttle bus was fast, Planet Hollwood is the perfect hotel and I had so much fun with my first photoshoot! I wish I could say more, but I am pretty sure that I am not supposed to give anything away as far as the theme of the shoot. These pictures will be posted online and they will be used in the program book. All I can say is......THEY ARE HOT! WHEW!

I was able to meet several of the girls at the photoshoot; Wyoming, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Nadia Moffett, Miss NC USA and I were back to back in the photoshoot so we were done around the same time. We were starving so we hit up PF Chang's for dinner. The wait was 90 minutes so we decided to sit at the bar upstairs. I must admit, it was nice being able to see the Boston vs Cleveland playoff We split lettuce wraps and devoured our main courses. Us East Coast girls were so exhausted and it was only 8:30pm!!! But remember it was really 11:30pm eastern standard time. Poor Nadia only had an hour of sleep the night before so we headed back to our rooms and crashed.

Day 1 was a success! Today is chill.....catching up on emails and unpacking. Everything starts tomorrow at 9am...YAY!

Talk Soon!
Megan Clementi
Miss Florida USA 2010

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  1. Go Megan! Have a blast and keep up the positive attitude! I'll be there for finals cheering you on!