Friday, January 22, 2010

January 18th-20th

Tim Ackert, Project Director of Orlando Venues Project Office, and Michael Davis, Florida Engineering Society Central Florida Chapter President.

Can you believe it??!!!! I actually stayed in the same area for more than 2 days! WOOHOO! Now, I am different than most. I am so used to driving all over the place so being within 75 minutes of my apartment means I am near home. I know, weird…right???? Even before I won Miss Florida USA, I was the same way. The Orlando Magic corporate offices were 30 minutes away from home and when you add traffic it took anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to get to work! Anyway, I arrived back from Miami on Monday, but instead of going to Orlando I decided to drive to Ormond Beach and stay at Kim Antos’ home. We spent the night catching up and continuing my preparations for Miss USA. The next day was the same story except I added in a workout with my trainer, Arnold. I love the both of them, they are truly a team. They are not preparing me for Miss USA , they are preparing me for life!

Wednesday was a jam packed day! Of all the days to leave my cell phone at home this was probably not the best day for it to happen. I felt like I was floating from one thing to the next with no concept of time. I just hoped that all my events ended on time as not to make me late to the next. It worked out, but I do not plan on doing that again any time soon.

I started my day at the Marriott in Downtown Orlando. Michael Davis, President of the Florida Engineering Society's Central Florida Chapter, had asked me to speak at their monthly chapter meeting. Typically, the meetings are closed to members only, but they decided to open it up to professional engineers in the effort to raise funds for five $1000 high school scholarships and one $1500 college scholarship. It was the perfect audience for me to speak to about my engineering scholarship, the Future Female Scientist Award. I met some great contacts who are thrilled to hear about my mission and want to see my scholarship succeed. It was invigorating to be amongst individuals who have the same desire and passion as me. I delivered my speech following Tim Ackert . He gave a detailed description of the new Orlando Events Center, the Amway Center. It is going to be state of the art…I am almost jealous that I am not dancing for the Magic! The Orlando community is going to LOVE the new arena, as well as ther Dr P. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center and the New Citrus Bowl!

From there I made a quick pit-stop at Regalia Magnificent Apparel in Thornton Park to drop off a gown and spend time with my favorite guys, David and Carry. David was on a trip, but Carry and I had about 30 minutes together. I always love catching up with him. They have dressed me for my state pageant all 5 of my years including the years when I was first runner up at Miss Florida, Prelim Evening Gown winner at Miss Florida and National Sweetheart, and this year when I won Miss Florida USA. We have developed a friendship that is unbreakable. I value their opinion and I trust them. Carry and David leave in a few days for the Miss America Pageant in Vegas so I will not be seeing them until mid-February. I miss my Regalia boys !

I rushed off to Baldwin Park to visit my favorite Veterans at the Orlando Vets Nursing Home. I first met them in December for BINGO and I promised to return in January. They are all so sweet and I enjoy spending an hour with them every month. It is not much, but with my schedule they are appreciative that I can at least do that. BINGO happens the third Wednesday of every month and they play for a full hour. Anyone who wins gets a dollar and this week the vets had a choice between bills or silver dollars. Many vets won multiple times and one guy was playing two boards and literally had BINGO on both boards at the exact same time! That may seem like a lame story, but it was very random and I was floored when it happened! What are the odds…I guess pretty good…lol
I said my goodbyes and it was to my last stop of the day, Magic vs Pacers home game. Scotty B was out of town so it was all me that night. If you have been following the Magic then you know they have been on a dry spell. We lost four or five games in a row…YIKES! I am happy to report that we finally won. I hope this means we are back in the game, but only time will tell. Gosh I am exhausted just reliving that day!

Well, I am going to put the computer down and finish watching Hope For Haiti. It is incredible to hear the stories of survival. I can only imagine what life must be like in Haiti right now. I want to cry every time I watch CNN and I do not even know anyone over there. I made a simple donation at Publix last week; I wish I could do more. If you can afford to make a donation financially, please consider to do so. If we all made a small donation then it would add up very quickly and do an immense amount of good. Visit

Good Night!

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