Saturday, October 3, 2009

Miss Florida Teen USA Preliminary Day

Good Evening Pageant Fans!

What a fun day! This morning I was out the door with the Miss Florida Teen USA contestants as today was the Preliminary Competition. Now I must admit, I started off a bit shakey this morning. Apparently when I went to bed at 2:00AM, I mistakenly set my cell phone for 7:05 PM! YIKES! So I woke up when Sussette (our assistant director) called me at 7:43AM. Somehow I made it out the door by 7:59AM and was downstairs in the lobby by 8am! All those years of practicing my hair and make-up in 15 minutes FINALLY paid

Anyway, we arrived at the Bailey Concert Hall, had breakfast (yummy pastries, cereal boxes and fruit) and then spent the next 4 hours putting the show together. All the contestants were troopers. I do not think I heard anyone complain about anything. In fact, everyone was so excited about the competition that the time just flew by. One of my favorite moments was watching the Little Sisters Practice their introductions. I made it a point to get ready quickly so I could take a group picture with them before the show started. I love them so much!

Kayla Collier, Miss Florida Teen USA 2009, and myself hosted the preliminary competition. We had the honor of watching 34 amazing teens compete for the coveted title of Miss Florida Teen USA 2010. One of the 34 will be my new sister queen :) The contestants performed the opening number followed by Swimwear and finished with the Evening Wear Competition. Today determined the Top 15, although we will not know who they are until the top of the show tomorrow.

Now, usually the show is at 7pm, but this year we have decided to go the afternoon route so both prelims and finals are at 2:00 in the afternoon. I must admit I sort of like this new concept. After the show, we had a wonderful dinner; all 34 contestants, parents, and staff were able to unwind and enjoy some scrumptious food provided by the Hilton Garden Inn in Dania, Florida. I thought for sure I would have to talk about the pageant for another 2 hours, but my table was rolling in laughter about anything and everything EXCEPT PAGEANTRY! What a relief! I heard the same was true for other tables as well. I am so proud of all these girls!

While I am writing, the contestants are back in rehearsals. Although Finals is not a live telecast, we tape the show as if it were. So I have a feeling the intros will be slightly different, but do not hold me to it :) Tomorrow is a big day and this beauty queen cannot afford to over sleep 2 DAYS IN A I am off to bed. Good Night!

Love Always,
Megan Clementi
Miss Florida USA *

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