Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Home :)

After 10 days of non-stop traveling in South Florida, I am finally back in Orlando. I came home just in time to emcee the Magic vs Pacers home game. GO MAGIC!

Here is a recap of what I had going on down south:

Last I wrote, the Annual Daytona Christmas Parade was rained out. I was hoping for better weather and I sort of got my wish. I drove down to Davie with my dad and we fought the rain the entire ride. By the time we reached Davie, it was only drizzling. I am happy to say that the 10th Annual Holly Day Parade did NOT get rained out as it was a 'Rain or Shine' parade. I was told no matter what....the parade shall go on! And it did!

As you can see from the pic below, I rode on the back of a convertible, umbrella and The driver had her own personal umbrella as did my dad in the passenger seat. It was the funniest thing to see all these umbrellas and a convertible with the top down! Luckily, the rain did not pick up and the car was not ruined (although it was slightly flooded!)My driver, Michelle was so sweet and her kids were the cutest elves I had ever seen.

As soon as my car finished the parade, it started to pour! Like I said, I sort of got my wish :) I made it through the parade without rain, but the rest of the floats were not so lucky. I ran to my car, hopped in, said goodbye to dad, and started my trip to Miami. I scooped up Dave in Miami and then we were off to Marathon. Habitat of Humanity of the Middle Keys's Christmas Gala was one of the first appearances Mary Lou booked back in July. I had been looking forward to this trip especially since it was Dave's 27th birthday :)

We arrived around 5:30pm giving us about an hour to get ready for the gala. The event was taking place only a few miles away at D'Asign Source. My contact arranged for us as well as the key note speaker, Max Mayfield (WPLG-TV Hurricane Specialist and former Director of the National Hurricane Center), and his wife to be picked up and driven to the gala. After all the rain and 6 hours of driving, it was really nice to sit back and relax.

The event was down-to-earth glamour. I just made-up that term so now I must explain. Everyone was dressed up in formal attire, but the attitude was like the old TV show CHEERS....where everybody knows your name. Each person we met knew the person we were just speaking with. It was like a family affair. The gala was approximately 3 1/2 hours, but it felt like 30 minutes because conversation just kept flowing. The best part of the evening was when the President of Habitat for Humanity of the Middle Keys, Bruce Ferraro, surprised TWO families with keys to their new homes! Both families thought their homes would be done in 2010, and were shocked to discover that they were finished early!!! There were tears of joy....their Christmas wishes had come true!

When the shindig ended, it was back to the resort. It has become a 3 year tradtion that on Dave's birthday I make him an elaborate cake. The first year I made the FSU Stadium, last year I made a 3D basketball, and this year.....are you kidding me! There is no time for elaborate cake making when you are Miss Florida I did my best and baked a huge cupcake. It was the only thing I could do where I could throw it in the trunk and it would not be effected by luggage being tossed around or long distance driving. Anyway, it was yummy and he loved it :)

Happy 27th Birthday Dave!

The resort was amazing and the weather was finally PERFECT. I wish we could have stayed longer, but we were back on the road at 11am for South Miami's Santa's Parade of the Elves. That was a fun parade as I had the privilege of riding with former Mayor and current State Representative Julio Robaina. We led the parade through South Miami throwing out a ridiculous amount of candy! It could not have been a more beautiful day. Also in attendance were several Florida USA local titleholders and my sister queen Alyssa Rivera, Miss Florida Teen USA.


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