Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello Holiday Spirit!!!!

Happy December Everyone :)

Can you believe how quickly 2009 has gone by? Just crazy! This month has already been pretty awesome even though I am only 4 days in. On December 1st I had the entire day to myself!!!!! That NEVER happens! I spent the day in Miami washing clothes, doing dishes, attempting to catch up on emails and of course planning Climb For the Cure. I heard back from many of the lighthouse caretakers and scheduled 5 dates to climb. As of now, Jupiter Inlet is Jan 10, Cedar Key is February 19th, St Augustine is March 20th, and all 4 Forgotten Lighthouses (Crooked River, St Mark's, St. George, and Cape San Blas) plus Pensacola will be climbed on Florida Lighthouse Day (weekend) in April! I am so excited to see this idea become a reality. I hope all of you will be able to find at least one lighthouse near you that you can climb with me :)

Wednesday morning, I made the long drive back to Orlando. I made a pit stop in Delray Beach to visit Natalie Dyson at Paradise Salon. She is the stylist who has made my hair look so fabulous :) From there it was straight to Orlando for the Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks game. I am not sure if I have mentioned this, but shortly after I won my title, the Magic asked me to sign on as the weekday female emcee. Scotty B usually works the game with me, but that night I was on my own. There was a lot to do, but it was so much fun. This new job has really pushed me out of my comfort zone (being a dancer is much different than being an emcee) and I am finally to the point where I feel like I belong :) BTW...the Magic won :)

The next day it was all about Miss USA. I spent the day in Ormond Beach with Kim Antos and Arnold Kolozsvari from Exquisite Coaching. Arnold and I workout in the morning while I spent the afternoon with Kim going over many things. I try to make it out to Ormond once a week, but that is not always possible. Every time I leave Kim and Arnold, I feel so much more confident and prepared for the future. They are a great team :)

And that bring us to is Friday December 4th and I believe it is the first day that I have experienced chilly weather this holiday season. I am wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt and I am freezing! There seems to be a cold-front moving through Central Florida. It is currently 57 degrees outside and it is raining, the low will be 54. As nice as it is to have cool weather, I am sad to say that the rain has washed out my evening appearance.

Tonight was the annual Daytona Beach Holiday Parade. I have participated in this parade the last two years and it was the first appearance I booked after winning my title in July. They have rescheduled for December 12th, but I have previous commitments and therefore cannot not participate. I know the parade will be a great success, I just wish I could have been a part of it.

I am crossing my fingers that this yucky weather (which is heading South) moves quickly. I have the Forest Ridge Holly Day Parade in Davie tomorrow and the annual Santa's Parade of Elves in South Miami on Sunday. Both of these parades will have current USA titleholders participating. South Miami will be especially fun as that was the city I was representing when I won Miss Florida USA 2010. I have always loved parades so I am wishing for the rain to go away!

That is all for now, I will update you again next week :)
Love Always,
Miss Florida USA 2010

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