Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On the Flip Side

"On The Flipside is the only show exclusively dedicated to featuring the world of sports celebrities, entertainment and lifestyle. This is the stuff you won’t find in the stats or highlight reels. It’s an inside look at the lives of professional athletes when they’re not in uniform and the game clock stops!" Aubrey Aquino is the creator and host of On The Flipside. She’s originally from the Bay Area and turns out she is my new Miami neighbor!
Aubrey literally walked from her place to mine for a quick interview. If you were to meet Aubrey, you would first think, "WOW, she is GORGEOUS!!!" then you would say, "Gosh, she is so talented!" Aubrey was the director, producer, interviewer, and camerawoman of this interview. She was very interested to know about my background as an Orlando Magic Dancer and what it was like to win the title of Miss Florida USA 2010. The interview has not aired yet, I will definitely let you all know when it does!
Love Always,
Megan Clementi
Miss Florida USA *

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