Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How early is too early!?

Good Morning World!

I am a tired It is 4:58AM and I am already about to board my plane to South Carolina. My flight leaves at 5:30AM so I needed to be here by 4:45AM. Being the anal person I am, I had to be super early. I did not realize how early I was until I followed the signs to my departure gate and found a real 'gate'! It is so early that the gate to the security area is still locked! I am guessing that that was a good sign that I am going to make my flight :)

I am sitting in the boarding area anxiously waiting for my name to pop up on the Cleared List. I have a good friend who works for Delta and was able to score a single Buddy Pass. The price is right, but the down fall is there is no guarantee that your name will go from Stand-By to Cleared. Lucky for me, I ate up some time by losing my cell phone. Yep, that is right. It is never to early to misplace your belongings. I am sure when my dad reads this I will get a phone call reminding me how irresponsible I can be. In my defense......

Sorry about that! I ended abruptly as I got called to board the plane. Yay! One step closer to SC! Continuing on….In my defense, I had my phone out to text my parents and let them know I was leaving soon (like the good daughter I am). I had to place it in my jacket which was placed in the bin to run through security. I have never taken a laptop on a plane before so I did not realize the computer had to be separate from shoes, outerwear and my phone. My tray was searched thoroughly while simultaneously, another security member was checking my carry-on due to my jewelry. I think this is when I lost my phone. I realized I left my phone when I reached my gate. I asked the guy next to me if I could borrow his phone. He said “yea, but by the way are you looking for yours?” He stated that the security guard found a blackberry. He watched my stuff as I ran back to the Security Check Point. And yes I did run in my 5 inch heels…lol When I got there I asked around and nobody knew what I was talking about. So now I am thinking, GREAT! I left all my stuff with strangers and I still have no phone. I called my phone using a security guard’s cell…NO ANSWER! So annoying! Then, like a knight in shining uniform, the security guard that had searched my belongings came running over from my gate. He had found my phone and chased after me when he realized I had forgotten it….he was so nice. Well, that was a long story for such a non-long-story-worthy story…lol Yea, makes no sense, I know. That is what happens when you sleep for 3 hrs! Anyway, all is good and I am alive…lol

I basically passed out on the plane. I had two seats to myself and took full advantage of it :) I was able to sleep off and on for about 90 minutes. Not sure if I will get any sleep on this next flight as it is only an hour in length. Once again, I am patiently awaiting for CLEM, M to pop up on the Cleared List.
I guess as long as I have time, I can tell you about last night. Nice transition, huh?

Last night was the Super Extravagant Tailgate Party hosted by the Super Bowl Committee in which I was invited by Mike Zimmer, President of the Super Bowl Committee.
Let me tell you….that was quite the event. It was a massive media party held on Miami Beach literally ON the beach in the sand. Anything remotely related to tailgate food, drink, or activities was present at this event. There were ribs, pulled pork, hot dogs, hamburgers, fajitas, tacos, subs, sandwiches, desserts of all sorts, a candy bar, soda, water, games, Miami Dolphin cheerleaders, a band and much much more. Mike said that his goal was to have enough food stations that there would never be more than two people waiting in line for food or drink. Mission Accomplished!

I spoke to a ton of people and the verdict was Super Bowl Party in several years. Mike was creative having the party on the beach and made the whole event so much fun. One game that stands out in my mind was the Cookie Eating Contest! I know, I know. It is NOT on my Miss USA health plan, but sometimes you have to stray for the good of the party :)

I had just finished dinner when I was approached by 2 of Dave's friends. One had just competed and won the contest; eating 4 cookies in 1 minute. Immediately, I thought that that was lame. I could devour 4 cookies in 30 seconds if I had the chance!! My boyfriend calls me the cookie monster...he knows cookies are my favorite sweet. Knowing it was 1 minute of my time and I could run an extra couple miles to burn it off, I knew I could walk away with the Cookie Eating Champ Title. I went for it! The only girl of the entire evening was Miss Florida USA

Unfortunately, plans did not go as I expected. The time changed from 1 minute to 5 minutes and I could not back down. There was an audience rooting for me to beat the guys. I tried, I swear I tried! It was not as simple as I thought. The cookies were huge and extremely chewy. So chewy that my jaw is still sore TODAY!!!!!! I end up only eating 4 in the 5 minutes. I still got cheers, but I felt totally lame :(

The evening ended with a beautiful surprise display of fireworks. It really was a fantastic laid-back feel-good type of event.

Check back soon to hear the update of my SC adventure :)

Talk soon!

Megan Clementi
Miss Florida USA 2010

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